Big Buck World Championship 13 Update

The Big Buck World Championship, at its core, represents a celebration of the Big Buck Hunter community. A unique community that is geographically expansive and ultra-competitive, yet tight-knit and extremely supportive. The World Championship has served as our community’s tentpole opportunity each year to reconnect with old friends, meet new friends and make lifelong memories together. With 2020 marking the 20th anniversary of the Big Buck Hunter franchise, we had plans to make this year’s event the biggest and best party in Big Buck Hunter history. However, the health, safety and comfort of our community will always come first. Therefore, due to the unfortunate reality of COVID-19 and social distancing, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the 13th annual Big Buck World Championship.

The event, officially styled as the 14th annual Big Buck World Championship (Pappy was just getting bad vibes from unlucky number 13), will now take place on Friday, October 1st, and Saturday, October 2nd, 2021, at Joe’s Live in Rosemont, Ill. The World Championship Qualifiers will continue to run unimpeded until Tuesday, September 7th, 2021, with all current Qualifiers scores remaining valid.

To keep the spirit of competition amongst our community alive in the meantime, we have introduced the Big Buck Regional Series – a series of regional Big Buck Hunter tournaments taking place throughout the fall and winter of 2020, with a $5,000 prize pool up for grabs at each event. The specific dates and locations for the Big Buck Regional Series will be announced soon.

The following are further details about the Big Buck Regional Series:

How many regions will there be and how will each region be defined geographically?

There will be eight different regions, and each region will be defined geographically as follows:

  1. U.S. – Northeast
    • Connecticut
    • District of Columbia
    • Delaware
    • Massachusetts
    • Maryland
    • Maine
    • New Hampshire
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • Pennsylvania
    • Rhode Island
    • Vermont
    • Virginia
    • West Virginia
  2. U.S. – Southeast
    • Alabama
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Kentucky
    • Mississippi
    • North Carolina
    • South Carolina
    • Tennessee
  3. U.S. – Central
    • Iowa
    • Illinois
    • Indiana
    • Michigan
    • Minnesota
    • Missouri
    • North Dakota
    • Nebraska
    • Ohio
    • South Dakota
    • Wisconsin
  4. U.S. – South
    • Arkansas
    • Colorado
    • Kansas
    • Louisiana
    • New Mexico
    • Oklahoma
    • Texas
  5. U.S. – Northwest
    • Alaska
    • Idaho
    • Montana
    • Oregon
    • Washington
    • Wyoming
  6. U.S. – Southwest
    • Arizona
    • California
    • Hawaii
    • Nevada
    • Utah
  7. Canada
  8. Australia

Who is able to participate in the Big Buck Regional Series?

Each regional tournament will consist of two competitions – a Casual tournament followed by a Pro tournament.

The Casual tournaments will be open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of each event. The Casual tournaments will be capped at 16 participants, but we will attempt to accommodate more participants if we anticipate high demand for the Casual competitions in certain regions. The only people who cannot participate in the Casual tournaments are those who have a score posted on the World Championship Qualifiers leaderboard.

The Pro tournaments will be invite-only. The top 16 players on the World Championship Qualifiers leaderboard in each region, as of 30 days prior to the date of each individual event, will receive an invitation to participate in the Pro tournaments. If a player declines the invitation, then the next player on the leaderboard will receive an invitation until all 16 spots are filled. Each player may only participate in the one Pro tournament hosted within the region in which they primarily post scores for the World Championship Qualifiers.

Will there be an entrance fee to participate in the tournaments?


What is the competitive format for the tournaments?

The format for the tournaments will mirror the World Championship. The tournaments will be played head-to-head with a double-elimination bracket. Each round of the tournaments will be a trek, which consists of five sites and a bonus game. The only exception to this rule is the championship round, which will be an adventure (a total of three treks). In the championship round, the player from the “Reload” bracket must defeat the player from the “Winners” bracket twice in order to win the tournament. The seeding for the Pro tournaments will follow the World Championship Qualifiers leaderboard, while the seeding for the Casual tournaments will be random.

Do the tournaments have prizes?

Of course. The Pro tournaments will feature a $5,000 prize pool, broken down as follows: 1st Place = $2,000; 2nd Place = $1,000; 3rd Place = $750; 4th Place = $500; 5th & 6th Place = $150; 7th & 8th Place = $75; 9th – 12th Place = $50; 13th – 16th Place = $25.

The top three finishers for the Casual tournaments will receive one-of-a-kind Big Buck Hunter swag packs.

I still have more questions regarding the Big Buck World Championship or the Big Buck Regional Series. Who can I contact?

No problem! Please send an email to and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.